Graduate Study in International Relations

The (Minimal) Reading List

Updated on January 9, 2004

The core International Relations reading list is comprised by the required readings for the main international relations graduate seminars offered in the department over the last two years. We expect all IR students to be familiar with the central topics and debates covered in these reading.

The core IR reading list is a minimum list, and by itself incomplete. Although we expect students to be familiar with the readings on the list, this compilation of syllabi is primarily a pedagogical device, designed to help students prepare for their comprehensive exams, and not a finished product.

The reading list does not include more specialized graduate seminars or courses offered at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies. Moreover, students will have different research interests within the field, and should read beyond the material indicated on the syllabi. In particular, we expect each student to be familiar with the relevant literatures within the areas where they wish to make a contribution. Students should employ their own judgment in supplementing or even restructuring the list.

Current Listings


If any of the above listings are no longer active, consult these for the appropriate courses.