The Principle of Convergence in Wartime Negotiations

Branislav L. Slantchev

American Political Science Review, Vol. 47, No. 4. (December, 2003), pp. 621-632.


1. Slides (Updated: 25/3/2003. Size: 103,711 bytes.)
Presented at APSA, PSS.

2. Working Paper (Updated: 30/11/2002. Size: 438,311 bytes.)
"Markov Perfect Equilibrium in a Stochastic Bargaining Model." This is the working paper with the complete information solution used in the published article. This paper has the complete solution, with all the proofs, including examples and proofs of several claims mentioned in the published article without proof.

3. Replication Package (Updated: 14/11/2006. Size: 4,605 bytes.)
Gauss program to generate the numerical example shown at the end of the correction note.

4. File (Updated: 4/1/2002. Size: 6,078 bytes.)
Gauss program to generate MPSE example for the main article (this was not used in the published version because it had to be shortened considerably.)

6. Erratum (Updated: 14/11/2006. Size: 126,567 bytes.)
Correction for Proposition 2